Bull calls for hold on barriers
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Bull calls for hold on barriers

Yet another request to halt the wire rope barrier roll out was made in State Parliament last night, by Gippsland East Nationals MP, Tim Bull, after the Minister for Roads and Road Safety agreed to a review in another area of the state.
“Media reports indicate the minister has ordered VicRoads to review wire rope barriers installed along the Calder Freeway, after recent complaints from fire fighters who attended a fire south of Bendigo last Sunday,” said Mr Bull.
“Firefighters are reported as saying the barriers made it harder for them to access the fire, while also forcing them to work closer to passing traffic, which was dangerous.
“I have been calling on the Minister since October last year to halt implementation of the wire rope barriers project in East Gippsland, so it can be reviewed.
“We too have had issues with roadside fires and already one serious accident involving a recently installed centre of the road Armco barrier. We have also had paramedics and the CFA raising concerns. Surely, this is enough to at least warrant a review as well.
“Given there was no consultation with these agencies prior to this program going ahead, I call on the Minister to stop referring to those who raise legitimate concerns as banjo playing conspiracy theorists and dingbats and expand his review of the barriers on the Calder Freeway to include East Gippsland.
“I again want to put on the record that I am not opposed to these barriers in the right locations as evidence shows they can be effective, but this blanket roll out is causing concerns with community members and emergency services and pressing the pause button until these matters are resolved is the sensible thing to do and he ought to do it,” Mr Bull told the chamber.
Wednesday, February 21, 2018