Please fix ‘un-drivable’ Pearl Point Road
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Please fix ‘un-drivable’ Pearl Point Road

The “un-drivable” Pearl Point Road, near Bemm River, needs repairing urgently, according to Gippsland East Nationals MP Tim Bull, who urged the Environment Minister to take action in State Parliament.
“Pearl Point is a very picturesque and beautiful location, but the problem at the moment is that the corrugations in that road are so deep it is basically un-drivable for a regular family car, and indeed even four-wheel drive owners are not using that road,” Mr Bull told the chamber.
“I ask the Minister to not only get a grader out there and grade it prior to the summer period, but also put in place a regular works schedule so that it is kept up to standard. It is a popular tourist location and it ought to be looked after,” he said.
Mr Bull has received representations from the Bemm River Progress and Improvement Association, which provides a rubbish collection service and delivers water to those who camp at Pearl Point.
“Over the years this community has advocated very strongly when the road is in poor condition to have it graded, but it seems to be an ongoing battle for them,” Mr Bull said.
“There is also a whale watching platform there, which has proven extremely popular. The problem is you cannot get there at the moment because the road is inaccessible.
“The other element of Pearl Point Road of course is it is a very important fire access track.
“We are heading into summer and it has been extremely dry in East Gippsland with the drought conditions that our farmers are facing.
“But we are on the verge of a fire season that is extremely concerning and has the potential to be catastrophic if the circumstances and conditions come about that we all fear.
“Our fire services need access to Pearl Point and along that stretch of coastline via this road, so from a tourist perspective and also a fire safety perspective, we encourage the Minister to get a grader out there in the next week or two, and make sure we have a plan in place so this road is maintained on a regular basis,” he said.
The Minister is required to respond within 30 days, but Mr Bull is hopeful it will be addressed before then.
Caption: Gippsland East Nationals MP, Tim Bull, asks the Environment Minister to urgently fix Pearl Point Road in State Parliament this week.
Friday, September 7, 2018